Manufacturing refractory solutions

Refractaria has extensive and modern facilities that allow it to produce more than 50,000 tons per year of refractory products, with more than 1,000 different qualities.

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Refractaria extends over an area of 63,000 m2, of which 21,500 m2 are built.The production capacity can reach 50,000 tm / year, between shaped and non-shaped products


The company has extensive facilities suitable for the manufacture of refractory materials: raw material processing lines, dosing, weighing and mixing, extruders, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, dryers, tunnel and heat treatment furnaces, complete plant for the production of non-material materials. shaped and prefabricated.


Enviromental an Quality control department, responsible of the development of the Quality Assurance System with ISO 9001:2008 standard, and the implementation of the requirements of the ISO 14000 Environment standard.


Quality control laboratory, equipped with the necessary means to carry out the control work, both of raw materials, of products in progress and finishes.

Foundation IDONIAL

Refractaria complements its technological development with a close collaboration with the IDONIAL foundation.
The IDONIAL foundation is the union of the PRODINTEC Foundation and the ITMA Foundation (Technological Institute of Materials) of which Refractaria is patron and founding partner.
This foundation has several laboratories dedicated to research, development and innovation in the field of materials, and by the hand of refractory it carries out unconventional control studies and tests, characterization of new materials and other R&D projects. .


Our history

We are a company founded in 1948, which bases its activity on the manufacture of refractory materials.

1948 Refractaria Foundation


Refractaria was founded in 1948 and was installed in its first manufacturing plant in La Felguera.

The company began its activity in the shadow of the expansion of the steel and coal sectors, producing refractory for the steel industry in plate casting systems, spoons and other metallurgical facilities.

1958 Transfer to the facilities of El Berrón (Siero)


The orography of the land where the original facilities were located, made it difficult both to expand them, as well as to manage logistics, so it is decided to relocate the plant to a more conducive place.

The location chosen are the current grounds of Refractaria in El Berrón (Siero).

1960 New products, new sectors


In the sixties, with the incorporation of continuous casting, Refractaria expanded its activity to new products manufactured by dry and semi-dry process. This expansion means that the company enters new sectors such as aluminum, cement, glass, ceramics, lime, paper, petrochemicals, etc.

1980 Replacement of the shaped products


In the eighties, the progressive replacement of the shaped products by the unshaped, leads the company to combine these new productions together with the traditional ones.

1990 The Steel crisis.


Because of the steel crisis ,Refractaria SA expanded its expanded it market to other sectors Refractory products with SiC and ZrO2

1997 Expansion of facilities


Since 1997, the company, within an ambitious program of investment and technological innovation, expands its facilities by building two new warehouses, adding new production lines that complement existing ones.

2000 certification ISO 9001:2000.


000 Refractaria SA Incorporated a Quality Assurance System, obtaining its certification ISO 9001:2000.

2008 Inversions


we started a new automated plant in order to manufacture unshaped products, thus increasing the production capacity of these products

2010 International Expansion


Refractaria was involved in an ambitious internationalization project In consequence, its American office in Mexico was opened in 2010 a its Middle East office in Turkey was opened in 2011.

2018 2018 REFRACTARIA SA made an investment in all facilities of about € 9 million


Production capacity more than 50,000 tons/year , with more than 1000 different qualities. International presence through technical and commercial offices in Turkey, Mexico, Brazil and Germany, as well as a network of agents located all over the world, with projects carried out in more than 50 countries.

Estados Unidos

2019 Adquisitions Krosaki Group


Adquisitions Krosaki Group

2020 ISO 14001


Refractaria SAU Incorporated ISO 14001

Vision and Values

1.- The customer is the center of everything: to satisfy their current needs and study their problems to provide disruptive solutions.

2.- Sectoral diversification strategy.

3.- Promote special products.

4.- Customized products for all clients. Technological Partners.

5.- Continued investment in facilities:
    a) More capacitive media, quality improvement.
    b) Performance improvement, cost improvement.

6.- Enable new products, expand market.

7.- Pricing Policy: Refractory Price = Cost + Margin

8.- Continue the ERP, control processes and knowledge management.

9.- Human Capital: success in generational change

Refractaria has a solid experience in the world of refractories with which to face the future in a firm and sustainable way in all the markets in which it operates

Manufacturing refractory solutions

Refractaria has a solid experience in the world of refractories with which to face the future in a firm and sustainable way in all the markets in which it operates

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