Management system policy

REFRACTARIA's mission is the design, manufacture and marketing of refractory products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers..
We are aware of the extreme importance of quality and respect for the environment, constituting the best argument to compete in the current market and representing a guarantee for the continuity and future of the company.

We understand that Quality and Environmental Management creates a philosophy of the same and at the same time, a culture in the company, both acting as a fundamental principle. Hence, we have an Integrated Management System for both areas.

We believe in an organization focused on the needs and expectations of our clients, respect for the environment and the need to improve our Management System in a continuous and systematic way. Accordingly, we have determined the risks and opportunities that affect us and have established appropriate actions to address them. All of this is summarized in a series of basic principles that are described below:

In relation to our clients

The needs of our clients (qualities, delivery times, applicable regulatory requirements, etc.) are identified and considered before preparing the order.
The expectations of our clients are constantly tried to exceed, taking into account the general principle of continuous improvement.
The suggestions of our clients about our services are collected periodically through surveys or other means to determine their level of satisfaction and to improve our products.
We will try to influence our clients to adopt our commitment to the environment.

In relation to our staff

Training needs are met individually in each case, in a systematic and continuous way, in order to guarantee the correct performance of the work of each of our employees.
Strict compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
Continuous and systematic information on the relevance of the work carried out, as well as its impact on the results achieved.
Provide adequate information, motivation and training to our staff in order to carry out the tasks entrusted in the most respectful way possible with the environment.

In relation to our environments

Our facilities and resources are in line with the applicable requirements in each case, and are properly maintained.
We try to make the environment help to develop the daily work.
Develop work procedures to prevent, reduce and eliminate, whenever possible, the environmental impact of our activities, as well as minimize the consumption of resources as far as possible.

ANNEX I Management manual in relation to our suppliers

We rely on our suppliers to achieve the established objectives, integrating them as far as possible in our chain of processes and in our commitment to the environment.

In relation to our internal processes

Both the processes and their sequence and interaction are formally identified and are subject to continuous control and monitoring to guarantee their correct execution, monitor their evolution and establish the pertinent improvements in each case based on the results obtained and the established objectives.
Continuously improve our environmental performance through the application of an environmental management system.

In relation to compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements

The legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the design and refractory products and to the organization (environment, safety and hygiene at work etc.) are known and fulfilled.

If any of the applicable legal requirements are not fulfilled, the Management will put all the necessary means so that they are fulfilled in the shortest period of time possible.

In relation to the establishment of quality and environmental objectives.

These will be set and reviewed, at least annually, in the System Review by the Management and they will be periodically monitored by the Quality and Environment Manager.
For its establishment, this Management System Policy and the current and future needs of the company will be taken into account.

They will be communicated in such a way that the company staff can contribute to their achievement.
The REFRACTARIA staff is aware of the mission of the company, of the objective we have set for ourselves and knows and shares the values ??established to achieve it.