From the development of the solution to its transport. We fully control the entire production process in order to guarantee the quality of our products


Research, development and innovation are fundamental pillars in Refractaria's business and it has the personnel and facilities necessary to provide these services.

Technical office and Mechanical Workshop

  • In-house mold manufacturing engineering.
  • Mills and lathes for urgent maintenance and manufacturing.
  • Four approved external mechanical workshops.


  • Own laboratory for quality control and R + D + I with the necessary means to carry out control tasks.
  • Analysis and controls of raw materials.
  • Carrying out quality controls on ongoing and finished products.
  • Verification of the properties of the new products developed.
  • Post-mortem studies of refractories to determine the best solution.


In Refractaria, a great effort has been made in recent years to increase and improve its capabilities, and the result of this is the Refractaria Engineering department from which value-added services are performed for our clients.

Own Engineering Department

The Refractory Engineering Department is made up of personnel from the company itself, which allows us to provide direct and agile solutions to our clients without depending on external companies. This translates into time and cost reduction in our projects.

Solution development (I+D+I)

The engineering team listens to the specific needs of each client, providing the most appropriate solution for each of the problems, even developing, together with the materials department, specific solutions for the specific problem that arises.

In order to continue offering the best service, Refractaria continues to develop and improve its products, being the key engineering department in this process, providing experience and know-how to create solutions that improve performance and costs.

Preparation of plans and technical documentation

All projects require adequate documentation and at Refractaria we generate for the client all the plans and technical documentation necessary so that the projects can be carried out in a simple and adequate way.


The correct installation of the material, the scrupulous follow-up of the information on the product sheets or the experience in solving the incidents that arise during the installation of the materials are key to the success and future performance of an installation.

Refractaria is aware of this and for this reason it offers a support and supervision service that guarantees the success of our clients' projects.

Project monitoring after delivery

Refractory is not limited solely to the production and supply of the materials it manufactures. The follow-up on the delivery of the material, its conservation, its installation and its operation are very important, both for the client who ensures optimal performance of the materials and for Refractory that creates and contributes its knowledge base to achieve it.

Assembly supervision

As important as having the best materials for each solution is the way they are applied in each installation. Refractory ensures a correct application of the same working side by side with engineering and installers guaranteeing the processes and installation methods.

Assembly advice

In any of the cases, clients and their partners can count on the extensive experience of refractory to help plan and develop the facilities of our material.

Follow-up after installation

Refractory's work does not end at the installation. For a continuous improvement of the solutions, Refractaria monitors and verifies the operation of its materials, analyzes the achievement of the expected objectives and proposes improvements for the next facilities. Thus the customer does not buy a material, but buys a sustainable solution in the future.


The customer is the most important thing for Refractaria and as such, they are listened to, advised and accompanied from the offer phase to provide the necessary support to size and implement the best solutions.

Technical advice from the offer phase

Any client can feel comfortable sharing their doubts, problems and projects with refractory. Either in terms of materials or services related to the refractory, Refractory has the solution or it will develop it.


The timely and proper arrival of materials is critical for our customers due to the high cost of downtime and installation personnel.

Expanding horizons

In a globalized and interconnected business such as the refractory world, a company like ours cannot remain solely in the manufacture of the products, since there are external factors that critically influence the entire process. For this reason, Refractaria develops new value-added services for our clients, offering them a complete experience on the materials cycle.

Logistics department

Refractaria has internalized the logistics process by having a department that performs global shipments daily with a 95% punctuality rate , assuring its customers that the material will be where and when it is needed.

Instalation works

REFRATECH, as an installation company of the Krosaki group with a highly experienced team, has as main target to achieve the demands of our clients using all the technical and human tools resources. Our services comprise from the analysis of the needs of each installation to production processes follow up , offering innovative construction solutions with proven results.

REFRATECH is a specialised in bricks installation, concrete by formwork and pouring system, high-speedshotcrete, gunning and rammed. We have all the mechanical means to carry out the contracted projects.

REFRATECH completes its installation services with demolition and mechanical construction.

Hence, REFRATECH has a team with total geographic availability and time flexibility.

Our Mountings

From the KROSAKI Spain group we offer an assembly service with our own personnel, in order to carry out an installation that is as appropriate as possible to the quality of the products offered.

Our expert team is not limited to installation, but we understand that we must support the client with any doubts and modifications that may arise during the course of the works.

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