Cement Industry

Refractaria has a wide range of refractory products specifically designed to solve the usual problems caused by alternative fuels in cement kilns, such as abrasión, chemical attack, mechanical stress…

Also, REFRACTARIA maintains an even wider range of qualities with the best value for money, for those kilns that whether are working in safe conditions without alternative fuels, or present no specific problems.


Rotary kiln

REFRACTARIA has a vast experience worldwide installing our exclusive ACRIS® & CARBAL® ranges with EffiSiC® technology, which are specific solutions to effectively solve ring problems and high shell temperature issues, and also our special SYNTHCAST castables.

Also, due to the recent adhesion to the Krosaki AMR group, we are able to offer the whole lining for the cement kiln.

Refractarios conformados

Refractarios densos

Refractarios especiales

Refractarios no conformados

Hormigones refractarios de bajo contenido en cemento (LC)

Disponemos de una completa gama de hormigones  de medio, bajo y ultra bajo contenido en cemento al igual que sin cemento, en base chamota, bauxita, andalucita, mullita, conrindón o alúmina tabular. También se dispone de múltiples versiones especiales con carburo de silicio (SiC) y zirconio (ZrO2).

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(*)The values reflected in these tables correspond to average values of normal control or guide values, so they are subject to variations. This information cannot be taken in any way as a product specification or used as a contractual basis.

Quality Temperature Installation
SUPERTAB 255CS 1750 Colado/vibración



REFRACTARIA has developed the WjET Free system for the cement kiln tower zone, becoming the best solution to avoid build-ups. It is an hybrid solution that combines the EffiSiC technology with the CARBAL 10 bricks, with four faces tongued and grooved, and a full seal with our SYNTHCAST highest efficiency concrete, the SUPERTAB 255CS.

With the installation of this new project, the client is able to improve the operation safety and, at the same time, increase the kiln life expectancy.

Refractarios conformados

Refractarios densos

Refractarios especiales



In order to reduce build-ups in cyclones, enhance the performance and increase inner section, REFRACTARIA offers a project combining bricks and SYNTCHAST concrete, apart from engineering specific solutions for zones with higher demands (Dip tube, meal entries…) adapted to every kiln and client, searching for the best quality and satisfaction for those who trust our products.



Concrete has been used as the traditional solution for satellite cooler kilns, been low-effective solutions, with reduced life expectancy. REFRACTARIA has developed specific pieces to be installed at the satellite ports, using its special EffiSiC® qualities, combined with the SYNTHCAST concretes. Thanks to this solution, wear effects of refractory products are reduced, enhancing the performance at kiln outlet.



For grate cooler kilns, REFRACTARIA has developed a whole range of bricks with the best budget for money, and No cement - No water concretes to avoid water-based explosions, typical problem of this zone due to the high variable temperature profiles of this zone.

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